Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Era... New Beginnings

My dear mother-in-law gave us a wall hanging years ago that read, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." Though we have come a long way in this journey, in the past 36 years, I have always in the past and will continue in the future, to stand in amazement at how much my dear and wonderful wife will withstand during the constant calls on my life. We are now in the throws of another change and it causes us both such heart-felt concern and the struggle is greater for her than for me... it may in fact be the first days of the rest of our lives... the rest of our story.

We have discussed the idea of ministry in many areas over the years and I have always been cautioned to never say that I would never want to go here or there, in the following of a Pastoral call. Certain areas brought the most fear to our lives and have always included at first, long distances from our hometowns, then from our children, but most of all and most importantly to the big city. We see ourselves as country mice, not city mice... now where has God called me but to a city church setting and even though the dear folks there try to assure me that they are merely a rural church in a city setting, they are located in Dartmouth... a city very unfamiliar to my history... I traveled mostly in Halifax, but would not want to move there either!!!!!! So why does God, in all His wisdom and knowledge, call us to do the things which we feel the most unfit to do, call us to places most un-nerving for us, to that which seems so much larger than our being. Well, ... so we will remember that it is His will, that it is His strength that is sufficient, for when we are weak, afraid and lonely, He is strong, comforting and with always with us.

I have come to the point that I realize now more than ever before that, we must depend on what He has done for us, is doing for us and will do for us as, we go in faith and do His will. As a miracle He provided an almost new house far below its assessed value, had more taken off the price, in 12 hours, than most people could ever negotiate in real estate in a lifetime and given me gifts to assist me in the additional renovations needed to help make this house a home for Karen and myself during our stay in the area. In the midst of all this our hearts still cry out, "Are you sure Lord this is what we must do?" We reflect the image of the human heart who cries out in disbelief, that Paul spoke of. We want to do, but can't... we don't want to continue this way, but we do... so have a spiritual battle continuing within. The only way to win that battle is to march toward the enemy (like young David against Goliath) we have visualized, pick up the stones along the way and be ready for battle; as God always wins. I think I am ready for the wounds of the conflict by this time, yet they still hurt for the moment. But Christ invites to follow him, by picking up the cross daily and following Him.

So, we venture forth in faith. We believe in our souls that as God calls He provides and rather than continue to second guess our decision we march to the tune of "Great Is Thy Faithfulness..." I will be adding to the blog to have a record of the trip down this new road. It will lead us even closer to the edge I am sure, but as I have always stated, “Living near the edge is not bad, it has moments of testing, moments of required courage and moments of extreme joy... It's all in how we define the view from there.”

Blessings as you tread your own paths and live near the edge in your own lives. God will richly bless.