Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When I Awake at Break of Day

When I wake at break of day,
And hear my Master’s voice so softly say;
“Go now with power from on high”,
My soul would then release its sigh.

And as the sunset or’ takes the day,
I’ll hear my Master’s voice to say:
“Go to your rest… you need not cry,
I heard your heart and that deep sigh.”

“As sleep comes and completes the day,
You’ve been found walking in the “Way”.
Take rest now and release that pain,
For holding such … there’s naught to gain.”

“This day I held your hand so weak,
I heard your cry, yet did not speak.
I picked you up when you stumbled today,
As you walked along with feet of clay.”

“Each day I’m here… I hold your hand,
For that’s my work in “our” Father’s plan.
For time will bring both peace and pain,
My peace, is what you need to gain”.

“ And as you wake at break of day,
And feel the stress along the “Way”,
It is My call on your life you’ll feel,
It is My path that will help you heal.”

“Take heart my child I’m at your side,
Through thick and thin with me abide.
And when the final rest you’ll take,
There’s a “NEW” dawn… when you awake.”  Allen14/02/12

This got away, (published) before I added my "other living near the edge" thoughts.LOL... Is there ever a moment when I am ready to face the day fully aware of what may be out there to face and overcome? No... so sad to relate... I must depend on God's Spirit to keep me going, for my spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

I don't know why the phrase "feet of clay" became so important this morning, but for the fact that we all carry that inside which brings no comfort, but weighs us down by its mere capacity to overwhelm. We cling to so many things that, should the world know, we would shrink to the lowest depths. These include fear, worry, despair, anxiety and any manner of sin both personal and corporate (meaning that which effects others) such as anger, bias and outright hatred of anyone that may be different. We carry quietly and fearfully those burdens which when given to God in confession and with contrite heart, are forgiven and forgotten.

But we don't leave them there. We often pick them back up and continue to carry them as though God can not forgive... yet it is we who can not forgive ourselves, thus nullifying what God is doing through Christ... what God accomplished in His dying on the cross... for those very sins... past, present and future... all for us... Not for Him!

I live along the edge of that rim of life each day. I become angry when I should remain calm. I am crushed and defeated, when I should have fully the Power of Christ in my soul! I cry deeply in my soul and tears of exhaustion flow from my eyes, when it should be tears of joy for Christ has taken on my sin and pain even though I do not deserve His love. Paul says that this is a human battle.. one that continues between that which should be and that which still remains. "Paraphrased he says; "That which I should, I do not do and that which I don't want to do, I do... so within me a spiritual war continues" While there is some consolation in hearing Paul confess his weaknesses, I remain some days in sadness of heart for my inability to get beyond the weakness of the flesh that will tear us down in a moment and crush us with fear and guilt.

So, I listen and wait for the voice of Jesus. It is not always heard in the silence of the waiting heart, it may be heard in the voice of a stranger calling us to truth, the kindness of a fellow-worker in the "Way" who brings good news or consolation one day, it surely is the prayers of our "loved ones" who hold us before the Lord daily. He comes to us both personally as we read His Word and secretly as we live our lives in Him day to day. This is living on the edge.

I pray that as you greet the sunrise (should you rise that early) or watch the sunsets (should you take the time to look) you will be mindful that you are not alone. God has provided His Spirit as per Jesus' request (John 14:15-17) and He is there for me and you. Go for a walk along the edge today...“Living near the edge is not bad, it has moments of testing, moments of required courage and moments of extreme joy... It's all in how we define the view from there.” Edwin Allen “07”

Blessings this Valentine's Day 2012