Monday, May 30, 2016

The Message Never Preached

I was asked a few weeks ago to bring the message at one of our churches in the area. I had long ago decided that in retirement I was going to cut back on doing services, while still being led of God, not just being guided by a sense of weary overload. So I consented with no regrets and asked if they would like a sermon or an India presentation, which I thought might be a different option for them, while their pastor was away. They opted for the presentation.

I had been planning for some time a message which had this title, “The Correlation between belief, faith and hope from a Biblical perspective, in Post-Modern Theology” Now the question here is, do I always preach the messages that I work on? The answer is no… not always! Why? It might be a question that some might ask… perhaps you are now. Why spend time working on a sermon that may never get preached? Well, it is an exercise in two things. First, it keeps my mind active in both the Scriptures and the study of Theology. You see we need to know God’s Word to live it daily, and if we are not reading and studying it, there will soon be voids in its meaning for us. Second, I always want to be prepared to have God open my mind in preparation for a call to serve him and being prepared is sometimes having a message (sermon) on hand, ready for the call.

The strange part of life is that not all preparations are in alignment with God’s purpose, in His timing. You must have heard the old saying “The best laid plans of mice and men…!”  There is never a warranted time for what is our timing, only Gods. So, my message sits there waiting and perhaps will continue to do so forever… but there is no loss in that either. It was good for me to write it and it helps me recall the Grace that God gives even amidst my feeble attempts to direct his Grace towards my direction of needs. St. Paul once reminded the readers in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 that life does not always go as we direct and our needs are met according to God’s wisdom and plan for our lives. He prayed for relief three times and each was answered with “no!” There was a reason, and in learning the reason, reason at once returned to Paul’s mind and heart. Now there is a concept to wrap your mind around.

Every day is a test of our strength, courage, tenacity and faith in what God can, and is doing. The strength, courage and tenacity comes from God, they are not a mere design enhancement that appears with a particular set of genes, as it would be that some might have reasoned. I am making my way through the days now; more weary perhaps than I used to be, due to advancing age, but I am not dead yet. Each day is also an exercise in living life to its fullest. It is a trip to the edge by times, but I don’t mind that as much as I used to. Who am I kidding… it is still scary! LOL But… God is with me daily, making all things possible within His will.

There will be those sermons never preached, though they may not always be sermons, just plans that never reach fruition, and completion. And that is OK too. I have learned that sometimes the preparations are the most fun anyway… Take Christmas for example. I digress… that is for another season. Go ahead… be blessed in the journey and accept what God grants you today!